Service Request Form

1. Data/information should be finalized before submission.
2. Needed pictures should be provided (in jpeg form with 300dpi)
3. Only 2 proofings are allowed.
4. Focus/theme/angle of the publication should be identified.
5. Text should be properly formatted. (e.g. do not tab to create column paragraph)
6. Concerns on authorship/credits should be agreed on before work is accepted.
7. Tables should be saved separately in Microsoft word format.
8. Graphs should be saved in jpeg or Microsoft powerpoint format.
1. Request should be forwarded at least 2 days before the event.
2. Travel expense, if there is, should be shouldered by the requesting party.

1.Contents of the paper should be complete.
2. If the paper is in hard copy, the requesting party should input the corrections.

Video Editing
1. The requesting party should give a simple storyboard (line up)
2. Only 2 editings are allowed.
3. If there are pictures needed, the requesting party should provide these.

1. Selling is handled by the requesting party.
2. The requesting party should advise DevComm 2 weeks before the event.
3. Concept or theme of the exhibit should be planned by both parties.
4. Expenses for participating in and conducting an exhibit should be agreed on.
5. DevComm will attend organizer’s or exhibitor’s meetings; only if necessary.

1. Request should be forwarded at least 3 days before you need the KPs.
2. Purpose should include the title of the KP, number of copies, KP recipients and their address, and the event/purpose of KP distribution (e.g. Q&A on hybrid / 15 copies / farmers / Urdaneta, Pangasinan / FFS).
3. Please look for Christina Frediles, Ashlee Canilang, Teofilo Paulino, and Elsie Reyes (requests from CES) and Harvy Divina (requests from branch stations) when claiming your requested KPs.
4. Please accomplish the KP recipient form upon distribution of KP to recipient. Please download it here.
5. Please return to DevCom the accomplished KP recipient forms for us to document who received our KPs. Failure to return the form results in disapproval of subsequent KP request.